David Lyons – A Moment Lost in a Coffee Shop Window

davidDavid Lyons first young adult novel The Dream Voyagers was published in October 2015 by Raven Crest Books UK and has been applauded by everyone who has read it. Most claiming it is a story they will always remember. David also composes music and lyrics and currently one of his songs Play On My Heart Strings recorded by  Michelle Lally is on RTE Radio 1’s playlist for the past few weeks and is being played by most Irish radio stations.


In a window on the street the glass held back the crowd,
Outside all panic, marching steps, inside two hearts beat loud,
In black, brown shoes and shining hair she faced the hurried scene,
An empty chair, a place to stare, and nothing in between,
I sat and elbows duly met and passed the time of day,
But we just sipped and chewed and stared with lots we had to say,
In moments safe, my eyes checked every finger for a ring,
On naked hands, I made my plans, to gamble everything,
Though straight ahead, my eyes were lead, to feet that made no sound,
My senses bled, each drop was red, for maybe love was found,
A thousand words were in my mouth, but none could form a line,
I touched her feet, still elbows meet, by now she should be mine,
How cold and white the coffee gets, its time to please gone by,
Her napkin folds, that moment tolls, it’s time to say goodbye,
She moves her chair, it breaks my stare, to crowds I didn’t see,
It pushes back, my world goes black, she moves away from me,
Her perfume fills the place she left, the crust her lips had touched,
The empty chair, I now can stare and words don’t matter much,
My heart it sinks below the brim, from crowds my eyes don’t see,
On bedlam’s side she breaks her stride and stops to smile at me.



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