Andy Jones – With respect, Mr Thomas

andyAndy Jones is a member of Litlab poetry group, which is based in Bailieboro Co.Cavan.  He has had work accepted in several publications.  He has also appeared on “Sunday miscellany”

With respect, Mr Thomas

I am not raging at the dying of the light,
Bewildered might be a better word
at how quickly I find the years passing.

Apart from minor symptoms
(which I cannot recall just now)
I feel much as I did twenty years ago

looking askance at humanity,
intrigued by their infinite foibles,
their capacity to disturb my equilibrium.

Astrologers (and my wife!) say that Aquarians
have a splinter of ice in their hearts,
So I write poetry, study ancient battles

then walk circuits of Mullagh Lough,
avoiding unbearable “what-if’s” at all costs
until the bulb goes “plink” and fades to black.

April 2016




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