Colin Dardis – Two Poems

colinColin Dardis is one of Eyewear Publishing’s Best New British and Irish Poets 2016, and an ACES ’15-16 recipient from Arts Council of Northern Ireland. His work has won the Glebe House Harmony Trust poetry competition, Fun Palaces #WriteScience Poetry Competition, as well as being listed in the Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing, and Dermot Healy International Poetry Competition. Colin is also the founder of Poetry NI.

Undercovers On

When I stole away your packaging
of make-up and high cost dress,
I found a bird without a nest,
softly chirping.

When you sleep tonight,
remember the stars won’t hang forever;
the night disappears inside a dream,
your secret world awaits.

I’ll sneak in to inspect
the crimson breaths
curling round your pillow;
men risk such life for beauty.

Pair of Twos

I imagine you clutching the pillbox,
hoping an answer will rattle from within.

Distending your countenance
into a poker face of wisdom,

the truth, a folly you left long ago
when you were just on the right side

of youth. Now, do you ever question
what cards are left to play,

if you review the last hands
with something bordering on regret?

The stakes were never too high
as you failed to invest in yourself

and yet, you clutch in your anxiety
a lowly pair of twos, because

it is the only trick you have left
to play at this table.




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