Mary Lee – Three Poems

poetMary Lee’s poems have appeared in Skylight 47, Issues 4 & 5; Orbis, Volume 170; The Linnet’s Wings, Winter, 2014, Time of Singing, Vol. 41, 15; Crannog, Spring 2015; The Furrow, November, 2014 & April 2015; Spirituality, Vols. 19 & 20; she has contributed to A Living Word, RTE Radio 1, on a number of occasions, most recently, March, 2015.

Well, how are things in Heaven?

Somewhere inside, you beckon
to me to look at the sky, hear your
whisper in falling leaves, imbibe
balm from daybreak’s freshness,
nestle in October’s arms.

Well, how are things in Heaven
and what are you harvesting?
Has the season of surrender
yielded timeless tentacles to
explore the glorious?

Who are we in each other’s drama
and how do you see the story
unfold? Will the moon’s shade still
surprise and Autumn mornings glow,
flow into theatres of colour after
nights of sorrow?


The heart’s desert,
cave of yearning to be
blank out

fill the crevices
with oasis’s nourishment:
tears to moisten
parched orifices;

fly with the swallow’s
nerve through storms’
scorn to a clement
homecoming, nest

where growth blossoms;
bless and break the clod’s
control, mix it with
the soil of understanding
in the garden of enlargement.


What is the fire you draw to
when you clutch each other
between the sheets? – Paula Meehan

Is it the fire in your eyes
that lights your face?
Or your gaze
inviting disclosure?

Or the lines on your forehead:
furrowed by loss
around your eyes,
on your cheeks,
and chin?
Their origin triggers my imagining.

Or the lines on your neck,
once round and full,
thinned by diuretics and exercise?
I trace my finger
in their recesses.
And linger.

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