Eileen P Keane – Three Poems

blue head shot fbEileen P Keane is from North Connemara, Co. Galway. She is currently studying for an MA in Writing at NUIG . She writes poetry, memoir and is a singer/songwriter. Her debut Ep Spaces was released in 2014 and she has performed throughout Ireland including Electric Picnic. Lunasa Festival in Sligo and at the Clifden Arts Festival. Her music has featured on RTE Radio and Television.


on a beach
for all the world

What the Angel saw

Cherubic legs plump and pink
Broken clean below the knee
She hung above the Belfast sink
This tiny world to see.

An oilcloth clotted with blushing roses
The Irish Press neatly folded
A virgin honored by primrose posies
The dresser with American china loaded.

A tin teapot with a soot black bruise
Blackcurrant jam with a homemade label
Still wearing his gardening shoes
They sat either side of his kitchen table.

Nests of brow for twinkling eyes
A fisherman’s fly in a tweed lapel
The child lets out a tired sigh
His teaspoons ringing a silver bell.

I have longed to arrive

This rooms a mess,
with its folding table and shaky chair,
packing cases and bolts of paper.
Stand to eat, sit to write,
two stray dogs, the only guests.
Watch the Magpies dance
in the morning mist
a plastic Ganesh on his dusty shelf
sees Salamanders come full circle
on the golden curtain, on the dirty window,
where a slug has slung his meridian line.
It came this far and could go
no further .

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