Tapeshwar Prasad Yadav – Three Poems

tapeshwar_SMALL SIZETapeshwar Prasad Yadav is a Graphic Designer by profession. Presently working as an Asst. Librarian at St. Xavier’s College, Patna, Bihar (India).
He was featured twice in Camel Saloon’s “The Second Hump Volume V” for best poem/editor’s pick, U.K and was ICOP: ROLL OF HONOUR twice as Faith centered poet (2013 and 2014) as Highly Commended by poet Louis Kasatkin, U.K.


It is evening time, home comming
for the feathered friends.
Rustling leaves perch the weary wings
that flapped dawn to dusk

They will chirp their beak
with the longest story stretching the day.
Alongside, the little ones, crave
humming more louder the chirp
Synchronizing the beat with loving seniors

At the stroke of midnight, when
dreams paws a sleep;
one more of golden streak, simmer
along the darker nights;
Suaving a beat
more brighter than the night


Your two dimensional write
all black and white, float
three dimensional images
with multidimensional eyes

You have all the geometry
to dispose the art;
I have but one heart
to beat thousand times

Your words bind thoughts
soaking blank sheets,
etching memory, lively
with warmth of feel


Walking our thoughts
in goodness, we see
a clear sky, hung;
Over our heads

Hearing the gallop
in mighty heave, we lend ears
down the path, an image;
restoring my failing sight

Breathing peace of air
in numbness, we cleanse
our inward eyes, easing
moral strife to go

Observing things
in varied impressions, we feel
the silent feet, prized;
over spirited mood

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2 Responses to Tapeshwar Prasad Yadav – Three Poems

  1. Brighter than the night is a lovely poem. A very well thought poem it might have come naturally, but the flow is truly awesome

  2. Jawed Akhtar says:

    Invigorating Verses Sir!:) Stimulating Troika of Poetry!:)

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