Sana Rose – Two Poems

sanaSana Rose is a Homoeopathic medical doctor hailing from Kerala, India. She has been passionately writing poetry since thirteen. Her first book ‘The Torrent from My Soul: Poems of A Born Dreamer’ was published in 2011 and a second collection is awaiting  publication. She is also working on fiction books and blogging occasionally, whenever her one year old cuts a slack. Visit her at


To a sleepy-eyed me,
The dusty curtains flutter
And scatter
A gazillion particles
Of premature reveries.
I find them
Oddly awakening,
My eyes still sandy,
Knowing in the depth
That I’m doing nothing
About them dreams,
Let alone their prematurity.
I could ignore them,
I could laugh them off,
If they weren’t so tangible,
And beyond the fence.
I would have
Sneered in their faces,
If they didn’t
Look so earnest.
Jokes are stark truths
That you have to fight
For fright and flight
Are not as heroic.
And to an extent
Of unknown length,
Dreams are subtle jokes.


Our yesterdays
are just footprints
others leave in
our hearts;
Our todays
are made upon
which ones
we choose to keep
and which we would
rather bury…
And the tomorrows
we still know not
as we tread along
our own fantasies.
The hourglass
would keep draining
till the last grain.
The only way
to stop time
would be again
not to flip it.
But, what about
the time outside
our minds?
What about
the dreaded,
unfailing senescence
that invades
the material
and exhausts
the immaterial?
What about…



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