Sinéad Nic Síoda – Two Poems

poetSinéad Nic Síoda studied English, Theatre and Film at Swansea Metropolitan University; graduating as a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. She was a Secondary level school Teacher of English, in the UK until 2010,before returning to her place of birth in Co Clare, where she now runs The Record Break Cafe and Arts venue, in Ennis, Co Clare.


Fragile flock migrating south
Reds browns and yellows
Metamorphosis in the very air,
Silent song sad screaming out
Torn from the tired tree
Transitional exposure naked bare,
Crab apples half rotten on a lush green floor
The dirt road stained from discarded blackberry spills
Light disappears behind an ebony door
And I head home over silhouetted hills.
Sinéad Nic Síoda


Placid cool Sweet Peas, pastel purple pink
Now fill my room with a Fragrance subtle as
Aromas flavoring our New World drink.
I drank the night we’d reunite, Shiraz.
Same meandering roads took us there separately
To the church where you whispered lines; pure love,
From John B Keane, heartfelt and status free.
Your Words were warm as cloths the music wove.

I am sick from the fear of men who speak
Of fast and suffering in the name of Christ,
Never knew you’d climb with me peripheral peaks
Towering this town, or scoff sushi rice
Between sets of orchestral music strains,
Away from religious terrors and reign.
I never knew we knew what we now know.
How like our River Fergus – we would grow!



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4 Responses to Sinéad Nic Síoda – Two Poems

  1. Ned Mac says:

    beautiful, very lyrical , with a clear noted detail and a dancing tone ……… I do enjoy your mind and style of delivery …………..

  2. JIm Gadaffly says:

    Loved the palate you used to paint those Autumn miniatures and thoroughly enjoyed the surprise shift in Reunited.

    Maith agat Sinead of the fairies!

    Micheal O Duinn

  3. Lovely lyricism creating a memorable rhythm.

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