Theresa McCormack – Truth

TheresaTheresa McCormack comes from Cobh, Co. Cork, looking out on the sea. She is married and has two children. She enjoys photography and writing poetry and is a fan of the Cork G.A.A.



You were true to you,
You spoke in black and white,
You spoke of things I never knew.

From your brown leather chair,
You spoke the gospel,
I can still see you sitting there.

In your blue two piece,
With fat sleeves stuffed with tissues,
Just in case you sneezed.

And your milky white pearls,
Asleep on the blue cashmere,
Your ancient hair in curls.

God spoke first you’d say,
I’d hear your truths,
And my mind would run away.

But not for long,
Your voice would soften,
And your eyes a beautiful song.

You’d open and close to me,
When you had to be heard,
And I’d see what you wanted me to see,

And you’d tell me be who I always wanted to be,
War and peace fell from your lips,
Aggravating and enchanting me.

The oracle has spoken they’d say,
Your tightened lips pursed,
You’d try to keep the smile away.

Yes, I still see you,
You will not go away,
Your truth it walks beside me,
It haunts me night and day.

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