Michael Nolan – All is not Fair in the Restaurant of Love and War

MichaelMichael Nolan (b. 1950, in Dublin) recently retired from a lifetime spent in education. He was  Principal of a Jesuit Special School for nearly the last twenty years of his teaching career. He also studied Law and was called to the Irish Bar. He has lifelong interest in writing and literature.


All is not Fair in the Restaurant of Love and War
(The Somme 17th. November 1916)

Why eat
(as battle clouds
occlude the moon)
it all again?
(Darkness invites
war weary sleep).
Behind our table
cry salty tears again.
Invoke death
for a General’s wife
who’s bloody
nightmares wake.

Where are you now?
(That unseasonably
warm midwinter day),
As it ends once more
with  salty meals just before…
(Complain to the cook
about concrete croutons
bobbing in murky consommé ).
“So we’ll pay
these floating cadavers”.

When finishing
with bottles for tomorrow,
(under white sky’s weak sun)
we die in love at the last hour
of daylight’s life,
bills unpaid forever-

how it snows here
(snowing this last time).
Let’s make way.



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