To loyal readers of the online The Galway Review

sl_helping_hand_on_blue-01As General Administrator to The Galway Review since November 2012, I am stepping out into the sunlight with my hands held high to declare that the first effort to raise some funding through the website has been a catastrophic failure not only in a financial sense but in a failing contributor and readership sense too. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze membership proposal is to be discontinued immediately and we are returning to the tried and tested format that delivers regular content to the The Galway Review. Mea maxima culpa. Hostile Twitter tweets on the concept gave us food for thought too, so our thanks to those tweeters for triggering this mammoth U-turn.

The Galway Review sought a financial commitment from its contributors and it was not forthcoming so our second appeal goes to our worldwide readership and it will be much less onerous. We are seeking one unit of the local currency from our readers in the USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

If you like what we do tell us with a single dollar, euro, yen, or pound vote of confidence. You will be facilitated by the Lámh Chabhrach.

We need your helping hand to sustain the future of The Galway Review as a platform for established and upcoming writers. Your contribution will help maintain a resource in Ireland for writers of every hue and colour. 88It will ensure the existence of the printed version of The Galway Review whose third edition will be available in Spring 2015, and, of course, it will help pay the bills!

Thank you
Uinseann Mac Thómais
General Administrator
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