Katherine Noone – Two poems

??????????Katherine Noone lives in Galway. She attends creative writing classes with Kevin Higgins. Her poetry was short listed for Vallum poetry award (MONTREAL)2012.



Taking your lunch to the meadow,
I mistake your loneliness for anger.
“Where were you all day” ?
You ask.

Sitting on the headland,
you tell us of people,
who reside over the hills,
whose children had left for America.
“Not much here for them” you say,
envisioning our fate.

Then with your horse,plough,
gulls overhead company,
you watch your daughters retreat.



You are special,
nestled near Spanish Arch,
drenched in sunshine.

Families from
Osaka and Blackburn,
feast on fish and chips.
A lady sips her wine.
Young men guzzle Guinness
at the Quays.

Travellers take pictures,
dated dynasties,
arty awnings.
pedestrianised, peaceful,
buskers ward off monotony.

Claddagh rings
-love- loyalty,
purchased, packaged.

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  1. Tim Dwyer says:

    Excellent poems Katherine, they linger

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