Laney Mannion – We all make mistakes….we do

poetLaney Mannion is an artist studying in cork, from Roundstone in Connemara.
With a fascination in the science of speech, and development of accents and slang in Ireland, began writing poetry and stories as a child, as a way of explaining the world around her to herself and to others.


Your explanation for you is far flung from this creation space
I looked pondered a while and gave up
Who masks the masked crusader who flung out the wit of thirty 3 and a half?
What notion took flight into the thoughts of the midnight hour to take you and spin you up into a wonder that lasted all night and into next week.
We were alone in the cupboard of arseholes and might
We laughed merrily at the masters of this right wrong who the hell belongs
Being slightly ostentatious in the ways a pedantic way of carting around ideas and flinging them out at you
Like you’re careless with your brainpower,
Your knowledge,
Your way of seeing,
To stand over an dictate, to throw fort sarcastic wit,
Put down the years you have walked this earth
With your eyes wide open.
Your emotions felt and delved into laboriously mulled over an made sense of as best you could,
No one can feel what you feel
There is the self inserted out there walking around
Throwing caution to the wind and ignoring the blinding obvious
We all make mistakes… we do.
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