Marie H Curran – Two poems

Two poems by Marie H Curran

War Torn 

Day by day they shrink,
Faces sunken ships,
Their radars searching
Tents, climbing over

Bodies between the
Coloured flags, calling
Out for voices pleading
Bones for help, among

The dirt and stone echoes
Back a verse, better off
You are away from blasts
Of hell, lucky say the wise

This camp a welcome home,
Digging in the sand, between
The flies and ants, hollowed
Gums and eyes wilt beneath

A blaze, scorching is their
Skin, as is their need for
Help, shrivelling in a heap
Their empty hearts give in,

While world and rest of
Us forever living on.

On Your Time

Funny what we call important,
Sitting near you now I wonder
If you agree, why you had to take
The call, why not wait and take your time?
O, I know your famous words. Precious.

Well life is precious too, who
Need tell you that, lessons learnt,
Harder some of them,
I learnt a lot that day standing
At my door, listening to the words,
Gone they said, imagine, just like that. Gone.

You but also me never be the same,
Lonely are the days and more are yet to come,
Listen to me speak as if you close to me,
Close to you I am, your coffin smiles at me,
Blinking in the sun, Time and day
Move on, but sitting still am I. Frozen.

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  2. kellieshaux says:

    I love the feeling in your words Marie, well done and best of luck, I see a bright future!

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