Diarmuid de Faoite – Two Poems

photo11111Diarmuid de Faoite is an actor and writer. His stage play, ‘Pádraic Ó Conaire’ won the Stewart Parker Award in 2001, his adaptation for stage of Wim Wender’s ‘Paris, Texas’ won best production at the Dublin Fringe, 2003 and his Ó Conaire documentary for Seanchas productions won best feature documentary at the Celtic Media Festival, 2008. A short story, ‘Bealtaine’ was published in The Irish Times and Cló Iar Chonnacht will pubish his translation of ‘Scothscéalta’ in 2013. Diarmuid is currently working on a collection of poems as well as a storytelling series called ‘Seacht Scéal/ Seven Sagas’ which will premiere at the Errigal Arts Festival in July.


Doobie Doobie Doo

“I would imagine all one has to do is…”
So all I have to do is…
That’s great news,
Just do and then, one would imagine, I will be.
But I don’t do
And I don’t be
And I certainly don’t be doing or do be being
Except in the company of Gaelic speakers
Who do be doing this and that
On a regular basis,
Neither doing or being
Just do being.

No wonder everyone in the Anglicised world
Is desperately doing
Or trying to be someone.
English lacks the tense
To relax into,
A belt opening might be or mightn’t,
A certain does be but doesn’t be all the time, like.

A sometimes not always,
An inbetween,
A refuge from absolute certainty
Where you can take down the Motown vinyl from the dresser,
Pull on the platform wellies,
And dig the beat
Of possibly.



Swan Song

My love became as quiet as the flood
And wouldn’t answer my call
For three weeks.

Finally, I dragged myself out of the lake,
Swooping low under the pylon that had
Marked our love nest of three years,
Now a great grey high cross
On her white quartz grave.




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