Susan Isla Tepper is the author of 10 published books of fiction and poetry and 2 stage plays. Her new satirical Novel titled ‘Office’ is forthcoming from Wilderness House Press.
Later this year another Novel titled ‘Hair of a Fallen Angel’ will be published by Cervena Barva Press. Tepper is currently in the production phase of her play about artist Jackson Pollock in his later years.

Ed Asner Gone

Where are you when
I reach out
toward the TV.
Instead of feeling
you I feel empty.
You were the Dad
while mine went
missing into a world
of war and upheaval.
Ed I could always
count on you.
Some would say
small comfort.
Kids back then
took comfort
in pet rocks.
I’m not the fool
you secretly
thought me to be.
I always saw it
deep in your eyes
that said little girl.
No matter how many
times I needed you
over the airwaves.


Bridget Seley Galway Artist/Poet graduated from Umass Amherst with a BFA in Painting and Art Education. She received a full scholarship and was the recipient of the Binny & Smith Artistic Achievement Award. Her poems have been published in several anthologies, and her collection of poems and images “What Moments Yield”, published by Ibbetson Press, is included in several library collections. She has exhibited throughout New England; her paintings have been selected for the covers of Bagels with Bards, Ibbetson Press, and individual poet publications.