Susan Isla Tepper is the author of 10 published books of fiction and poetry and 2 stage plays.
Her new satirical Novel titled ‘Office’ is forthcoming from Wilderness House Press.
Later this year another Novel titled ‘Hair of a Fallen Angel’ will be published by Cervena Barva Press.
Tepper is currently in the production phase of her play about artist Jackson Pollock in his later years.


Digby Beaumont, Self Portrait With Beanie, 2022, acrylic on paper

There is war
and you
Resourceful from
having grown up
during the aftermath of
a different war
Choose to cover
your eyes
from the blinding light
of laser missiles
projected during this war
Though not yet
directed your way
Still you feel the tremors
of those now blinded
And so you choose to cover
your head from shrapnel
penetrating other heads
not so far away.
Because it’s all very small.
The penance. And when
you reach out to touch trees
still standing at the borders—

Digby Beaumont is an English artist. His portraits look to capture something of his subjects’ inner worlds. His still lifes raise questions about the objects’ deeper meanings. His series of mixed media sketches, I Don’t Know What Came Over Me, is a whimsical and poignant take on the theme of what it is to be human. Digby’s artwork has also been published extensively in collaboration with writers of fiction and poetry. He is self-taught. Before becoming an artist, he was a widely published writer.