Ian Kelleher has previously self-published a book of poems called A Suicidal Star (2009).

Some of his poems were published in The Galway Review 10 printed anthology in April 2022.

He lives in Crosshaven, Co. Cork, and has a degree in Music from UCC.

Evolution Star

Eyes that shine like diamonds,
Brain’s a tree without leaves.
Apocalyptic storms
Raise the level of the sea.
Evolution star moving in slow motion.
Seagulls screech,
Streets are paved with those holes.
Tin Pan Alley
Is my bedroom, it’s my soul.
Evolution star moving in slow motion.
We launched a thousand ships
To sail across the stars.
Galaxy is melting,
Earth’s broken apart.
Evolution star, oh my evolution star,
I know we’ll make it that far.

Writing out blue lyrics
Like an ancient bard.
You were getting notions
In the potions bar.
Evolution star moving in slow motion.