Mick Stratta is a British-Italian writer of fiction and poetry. He has published some short stories and is in the process of publishing his first novel, a story of first love set in the nineties.  His non-literary activities include playing football and guitar pretty badly and fathering two lovely rascals.  You might find him talking about writing and other stuff on Twitter @Mick_Stratta

How Not to Defrost the Christmas Turkey

that’s not how you defrost a turkey, you said
baring your teeth like Mitzi
snatched the slippery bird from under the tap on mid-flow
as we hurled epithets sucked into oblivion

i drag my slippers in the flurry, back turned to our house
arms over my chest in a bursting knot
Tinkerbell pyjamas you surprised me with last Christmas

flakes into droplets roll down my face,
smearing a residue of party make-up
tears, snow, and Maybelline
dab the hurt away

kids with Arsenal bobble-hats loiter
giggle at my panda-eyes
at my pyjamas
or maybe just at a Pokémon snared out by their mobiles

i hover by the phone box outside the chippie on Wycombe Road
back then i called you from here
at New Year’s Eve your tongue tasted of salt & vinegar crisps
as we swayed to Let Loose’s Crazy for You before the countdown
outside the whiteness was kind and whispered
promises of effortless love