Sandra Kacher comes to writing poetry after years of hearing about the inner lives of hundreds of therapy clients.  She brings the same compassion and sense of irony to her poetry as she got to listen to hundreds of therapy clients. Touched by Mary Oliver and heartened by Billy Collins, Sandra brings a heart for beauty and an ear for music to her writing.  She hopes poetry shares how she is moved by nature, human life, and all the debris that catches her eye.  As an older poet, she is shaped daily by intimations of mortality, and most of her work is touched by loss—past or to come.  Poetry keeps her open, fights off cynicism in a world that leaves her listless these days.


I break my dishes because they haven’t saved me.
I looked to porcelain for clarity, stoneware for ballast,
ordered cutlery from salad fork to steak knife,
made a nest for serving spoons,

There is no salvation in the kitchen,
no matter the number of seasonings,
the distance they traveled on the spice road.
It doesn’t matter that I can distinguish
aleppo from cobanero, cinnamon from cassia,
my tongue will tell you
you can’t cook your way to heaven.

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