Vincent Mc Grath is a new and aspiring poet from County Limerick. Having returned to study in 2019 as a mature student he graduated from the University of Limerick in 2019 with a bachelor of arts in English literature. At first, writing as a means of expressing his thoughts, something then manifested this strange new hobby into an inescapable passion for poetry and the arts. Vincent also enjoys film (Hollywood and European cinema) with Russia’s Andrei Tarkovsky’s works being a favourite of his.

Some Men in Rhyme

Hera weeps at a desire too free and liberalised
As Olympian lightning strikes between sheets and skies.

King Henry craved disposable queens, ordained concubines,
Protestantism’s patriarch, raver of witchings and crimes.

Romeo’s lust shunned the honours a Montague
And so he forever lay with Juliet, their faces blue.

Mark Antony swum in Cleopatra’s perfumes, Egyptian beauties,
So fate led him to his Roman sword’s point, a final duty.

Solomon’s wisdom sought polygamy, foreign wives,
Some men’s curse is harboured amongst the thighs.