Damien Carroll – Damien Carroll

Damien Carroll is a child of Dublin. As he was born in February his horoscope suggests that he is honest and known for being one of a kind. That line says everything about Damien, never believe in your horoscope. Damien has been writing poetry for about 3 years and recently become a member of the Dublin Writer’s Forum in Dublin to share his work and be guided by the wisdom of the group.

Open your presents

She turns the key in the bathroom door, as the girls climb into the empty bath.
– Quiet girls, remember what we agreed.
The force of the banging on the door is quickly followed by a flow of anger.
– I know you’re in there, give me those little bitches now or you’ll die.

She raises a finger to her lips, her twin daughters nod.
She turns and faces the door.
– One minute John, I want them to look good for you.
Standing still, she points the gun at the door, in outstretched hands.  
-Ok John, we’re ready.

Three days earlier she marked the height of his chest on
the inside of the bathroom door.

Although she prepared, the explosive sound of the gunshots surprises her.
He screams in agony as he collapses, falling backwards down the stairs.
She visualises his face, eyes wide, mouthing the words,
–What the fuck.

As the gun hits the tiled floor, she turns, kneels
beside her screaming daughters, hugging, kissing them.
-It’s over girls. I’m so sorry for all this.
I love you both.

Again, she puts a finger to her lips.
I need to go clean up a mess.
Please stay in the bath, keep your shoes on.
I’ll be back in a minute.
You can open your birthday presents now.

Eight years earlier she was the happiest woman on earth,
as her father walked her down the aisle.



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