Kevin McManus is an award-winning author from Carrigallen in Leitrim.

He hopes to publish a collection of his poetry later this year.

A Pagan Place

On the hallowed ground,
Where the whitethorn meets the blackthorn,
a threshold through the spiritual veil.
When you are with nature you are with the earth,
walking through a living landscape
feeling the spirit of the country,
We change in the thin places
we connect in those liminal spaces.
The veil is thin at the borderlands.
at the forest edge,
the light coming through the trees,
casting upon the sacred oak,
beside flowing river water,
over rocks and boulders,
by the sea as the waves meet the shore.
A connection with those
who were rooted in the same places in the past,
to the people of the mounds,
the hill of Uisneach,
Tara, Bru na Boinne,
Knocknarea, Carrowmore
Rathcroghan, the cave of cats,
into the womb of the world.
The soul of the Caileach embodied
in the hallowed places.
Magic is hiding in plain sight.
Spirits move from the outer and inner worlds.
The curtain is translucent
over the three days and nights of Samhain.
To be open and receptive,
to pull deep within the grove of trees,
transcendence in the temenos.

© Kevin McManus