Gordon Ferris is a Dublin writer living in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal for the past thirty-six years. He is a member of the Dublin Writers Forum and has had poetry and short stories published in A New Ulster, The Galway Review, Inspire magazine, and poetry in Hidden Channel.


the trail of tears shames the innocent
and the already sinned against

back to ancient times, we’re sent
when gods were created to explain
the things we did not understand
and those with all the wealth kept
ordinary people ignorant

“what do they need to read for
what do they need leisure for
why would they need more food
they can’t move freely on full bellies
they don’t work if they can’t move”

yes the trail of tears
it’s here again
the innocent are shamed
do we allow them to walk on us again

let the freedom trial begin.

View inside a train

Daisies flash by in a blur of green
place becomes unfamiliar
With movement in the window screen

thoughts fly by like
blurred images in the glass

No sense can be made of

Random words
Or from within

Or-random images
Or in my eyes

Distant sleep scapes
from a deep, deep dream
where all seems at peace.

Scattered wishes

The voice that speaks to us
When we are alone

Lays scattered in train edge gorse
Like Medeterianion drifting boats
Looking for a home

You see a strangers face
Stoop your head to gaze

Then run to cut your hair
To try and hide tour ego

You long to be with a familiar
Spending many silence’s together

Be in each other’s world
Live each other’s dreams
Thre odd knowing glance
Sharing the world of the internal
Where you listen to the voice

The voice that speaks to us
When we are alone.

The Silence

In like a tornado
three mini whirlwinds

whooshing around
gathering smiles

there departure
will bring tears

of all the reminders
the loudest is the silence

I wonder if in
the distance between us

will they look up at the night sky
and if they see the moon
will they see the same light as I do?