An Appeal

As my Uncle from Mullingar used to say The Galway Review has been coming to you since November 2012 “for free, gratis and for nottin”. No contributor or reader has ever been charged for the worldwide service that The Galway Review has offered. 2020 has become our hour of need and with your help we can keep the service going.

Your time reading and contributing on an international platform may have triggered personal satisfaction and, for writers, a sense of achievement. In order to guarantee the future of The Galway Review and to keep the service going (e.g rental space, internet and maintenance overheads, moderating, editing, general admin, telephone, heat and light we are asking fervently for a modest contribution via Paypal or Credit card to help us keep the show on the road.

The Galway Review is rapidly approaching a readership of 470,000 worldwide. With your kind help we can make it to the half million mark!

Be with us please, at our hour of need!

Uinseann Mac Thómais
General Administrator
21 April 2020

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