Kevin McManus – These days will pass

Kevin McManus is a an award winning writer and poet from County Leitrim. He has published six novels so far and has anthology of his poetry and short stories entitled “The stillness of Lakes” coming out in the coming months.

These days will pass

In the darkest of times,
when resistance is low,
these days will pass.
Singing to the evening
releasing your passion to
the night’s sky
these days will pass.
A kite floating on a sea breeze,
the warm sun on your face,
these days will pass.
The crash of the waves,
the stillness of lakes,
these days will pass,
The whole of the moon,
the stars in the sky,
these days will pass,
A gathering of loved ones,
a laugh with a close friend,
these days will pass.
The Autumn colours,
the crisp cold air,
these days will pass.
A clear blue sky,
the thrill of winning,
these days will pass.
When it’s all too much
and it seems there’s no way out
these days will pass.

© Kevin McManus


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