Daniel Sammon recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Writing from NUIG. It was late in life when he discovered he had a latent talent or a hidden love of the written word. Not long after his first book was published he had another five written, including a book of poetry.
Apart from writing he is engaged full-time as a rental property manager and a limmo driver taking people on tours all over Ireland, especially Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, Dublin and Killarney. He’s keenly interested in history, heritage and folklore; these together with meeting people from every corner of the globe keeps him well supplied with material for his writing pen.


By Daniel Sammon

On St Patrick’s Day there was no beer; the coronavirus had us full of fear
‘Wash your Hands’ was the battle cry; if you ignore this advice, thousands will die
By keeping apart we’ll stick together and this national crisis we will weather
With each passing day the numbers grow until finally they arrive at a plateaux
By now we’re sick and sorry too, that we ever heard of this new flu
Old folks were told to be cocooned, inside their homes like they were marooned
To go to Mass we were not allowed, if more than 100 were in the crowd
There was nothing for it, but sit it out; write some poetry with the odd bottle of stout
With the country closed it wasn’t much fun, but the beach was still there for a walk or a run
From now on we will be more humble, and when things are sorted we will not grumble
We can reach the moon and put a man in space, yet a tiny virus we’re unable to lace
Behind it all we are very fragile, pretending we’re all-powerful, strong and agile