Michael J Leach – Alternative Meanings of COVID-19

Michael J Leach is a researcher, lecturer, and poet who enjoys writing across multiple disciplines. Michael’s poems have appeared in literary journals, including Cordite and Meniscus, as well as scientific journals, including the Medical Journal of Australia and The Mathematical Intelligencer. His concrete poem ‘The Plight of the Adélie Penguin’ has been displayed in Antarctica, New Zealand, Scotland, the US, and online as part of a global climate change communication project – the Antarctic Poetry Exhibition (https://www.antarcticpoetry.com/). Michael’s first poetry collection – a chapbook of poems addressing the health humanities – is forthcoming from Melbourne Poets Union. He lives in his hometown of Bendigo, Australia.

Alternative Meanings of COVID-19

COronaVIrus Disease 19
Cancel Overseas traVel ImmeDiately 19
COnsider Viable alternatIves to hanDshakes 19
Cough/sneeze On the V of the epIconDyle 19
Clean dOwn Virally Infected Desks 19
Call Off Various Important Dates 19
Close dOwn Virtually everythIng Downtown 19
Create an Optimal Vaccine rapIDly 19
Chill Out/Vegetate InDoors 19
COmfort ourselVes wIth Distractions 19
Come Over Very Infrequently, Dear 19
COmmunicate Via the Internet insteaD 19
Combine Our Voices In soliDarity 19
Care fOr the Vulnerable In this worlD 19
COntain this VIral spreaD 19




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