Coleen Jones is a writer & philosopher who lives and works in Cork, Ireland who strives to inhabit enviro-centric and worldcentric spaces in her work as a psychotherapist.


Keeping blind red-necks happy
Keeping the masses contained
Feeding fox news fake fun
fake tan finances – fantasy done
Keeping centralised colony
Captive corona concealed
Keeping masses – millions
blind baffled no news
What news – who knows
Gambling massive stakes
Major mistakes – now roll the dice
Let fortune turn towards
Extraordinary ordinary folk
Keeping going from day to day
Keeping valour moderation
Truth & honour alive.


Where am I
Everywhere and nowhere
What am I
Grains of sand upon the shore
Winds that shift those grains –
Wind that whistles thru stones sculpted
Laid carefully by hand – my hands-
I flame the dusk crimson and gold
‘tis I who illuminates nights velvet folds
As flash lightning flays fields – I find
Calm heralding dawn & welcome morn
I birth each new day
I am time and space
I am the elemental force
I am everything and nothing
I am lost in realms unknown
Ever present to events –
I lead timeless creativity
then stand back
I am no-one everyone
Someone who causes
 each wave to break
Stars to fall – moments to
Coincide in timely rhythm
Imperceptibly obvious
Below timelessness
Below emptiness
One throbbing


Nothing But

In a world that’s crazy there’s nothing but love
That will save us, nothing but love.

I want quiet moments tender times where there’s nothing but
Trust to deepen our bonding, to blend and secure.

I sometimes like wild times, erotic and mad when there’s
Nothing but lust to inflame and excite us.

Give me slow days, quiet fires where there’s nothing
But tenderness to while away nights.

Right now I touch I see I breathe nothing but
Time as it generates nothing but love.

(*A Ghazal by Coleen Jones 31/10/2019)