Heider Broisler – Poems Between Bars

Heider Broisler was born in Brazil. He is forty-eight years old. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Legal Science. He grew up and lives in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo, where he owns a Legal Consulting Company for Market Development Construction Companies. He wrote two screenplays (unproduced); wrote a novella, drama romance, “Julia” (that portrays the tenuous distance between happiness and suffering); several poems, among them: “Smiling” (dark thoughts camouflaged behind a simple smile) and “Autumn” (the burial of the wife who loved autumn), both published in two literary magazines.

Poems Between Bars

The pain of the sentence still pulsed when
The cell door closed carrying far away
The dream of hope that deludes the helpless.
The insignificance of those who have always been wrecked
In life, did not enchant the frivolous Judge’s eyes;
Empathy and segregation inhabit in the same space.
Affliction is immeasurable even to those who build
Their stories in foul-smelling places full of
Desperate and smiling ragamuffins;
Freedom is the only food of those who have nothing.
Black and White (men and women) of the jury
Did not sensitize with the evidences that should have thrown the
Innocent back in the abandon cold streets
Defaced by invisible individuals (undesirable) in the eyes
Of those who did not sank under the game rules.
Prison chooses no friends:
Concrete walls hurt more than indifference.
Violation to an innocent is the worst of all miseries.





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