Teresa O’ Connor-Diskin – Three Poems

Teresa O’ Connor-Diskin is from Kilroe, Headford, Co Galway.
She grew up on a farm, has a keen interest in nature and now lives in Moycullen with her husband, Peter. She is a retired teacher who enjoys writing, gardening, walking, art and travel.
Teresa attends Poetry Workshops facilitated by Kevin Higgins and has been shortlisted for Poems for Patience 2019. She recently had a poem selected for publication in Skylight 47 Issue 12, to be launched in early September 2019.

Spring and the Weeping Pear Trees

Slowly she shakes out her mint-green mop
while you stand leafless, still

Dead entangled head
mossy limb’s
naked embrace

Bare open the heart of you
where a blackbird finds frequent rest
sings new life into your skeletal form

Last Summer’s drought has taken its toll
Annual rings number the years
you welcomed sunrise over the lakes

Golden Chain

With stems of yellow coloured gems
Oh Golden Rain!
Oh Laburnum Tree!
Frail flowers of your youth wave goodbye
Weep in unison as you are letting go
You resonate with me
Oh Golden Rain!
The final goodbye
My tense hands
grip the steering wheel
Your days near spent
It feels a shame to be alive


You are my Spring’s promise of bells
delicate white and trumpet gold
My Summer’s Glory
of mopheads, pink and blue and lacecaps, white
My Autumn’s Rowan red
with berry and Maple leaf of yellow
My Winter’s rest, you are
The dormancy that descends
The renewal that transcends




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