Daniel Sammon recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Writing from NUIG. It was late in life when he discovered he had a latent talent or a hidden love of the written word. Not long after his first book was published he had another five written, including a book of poetry.
Apart from writing he is engaged full-time as a rental property manager and a limmo driver taking people on tours all over Ireland, especially Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, Dublin and Killarney. He’s keenly interested in history, heritage and folklore; these together with meeting people from every corner of the globe keeps him well supplied with material for his writing pen.

There’s Nothing Nicer Than A Rainy Day!

When you think of all the things
that you put on the long finger
and said: That can wait. Today
I go to the beach while the mercury
is rising and the sun is shining
and hope my skinny white legs will
turn somewhat brown before the
Angelus bell tolls across the mountainside
and the cows amble home to be milked

Now as the rain incessantly falls
throughout the whole day long
from before the cock crowed twice,
now is the time to have a second look
at that long finger that cannot be extended
much longer from its present state,
to make some room for more jobs to be
attached thereon, when the next fine day arrives
and your skinny white legs might like the
sun to wrap around and caress them once again

A wise man once said: Even on a rainy day
the grass is still growing – not just the grass
but your assets too if those, you’re fortunate enough
to possess, but alas so does your debts do likewise.
The right side of the fence is a nice place to be
even on a rainy day, so get those
long-fingered jobs done as there’s no nicer
time for doing them than rainy days like this.

© Daniel Sammon