Ger Feeney is a retired Garda, residing in New Ross, Co. Wexford. Originally from Waterford, Ger has been published in a number of magazines in Ireland and the UK, including, The Stinging Fly, Quantum, Tandem, Poetry Nottingham, Revival and Outburst.

Down Our Way

They worship
Dead Presidents
Down our way
If you don’t mind
A very Irish
Thing to do
To worship
Dead Presidents
And they not
Even Irish
If you don’t mind
The only good one
Is a dead one
An ould lad
standing outside
The Tholsel
Was heard to say
Much too dangerous
Worshipping the living

Knitted Together

We were always 
A close knit family
Without ever wanting 
To live under 
The same jumper
So to speak
I could die
In the morning 
And no one would 
Know or care
My 82 year old 
Mother announced 
On the phone one day
Not like that shower
Up the road 
All living under
The same jumper 
As if they were
Knitted together 
Become my 
Neighbour so
Fully detached in
The semi-d
Next to me 
A close knitted 
Neighbour without
Living under 
The same jumper 
So to speak
Maybe if I was older