Buy The Galway Review 7

Buy The Galway Review 7

If you’d like to buy The Galway Review 7 anthology you can do it online now. The book costs €15 (including postage and packing). We will happily ship to anywhere in the world. If you will have any difficulty in paying through PayPal on this site, we would very much appreciate it if you would let us know. Make sure your correct address is listed. A few days later, you’ll receive The Galway Review 7 anthology at your door. Click here to buy

The Galway Review 7 anthology is seventh printed edition of The Galway Review. This literary magazine has evolved from the popular online edition which has now more than 407.000 online readers.





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  1. Fred Johnston says:

    Odd that, in spite of having work published consistently in the Galway Review online pages, I have only made it into the print issue once or twice. There could be many reasons for that, of course; but it makes one wonder. Sadly, we live in an arts environment when such things DO make one wonder.

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