Sinéad Nic Síoda – Night Bird

Sinéad Nic Síoda studied English, Theatre and Film at Swansea Metropolitan University, graduating as a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. She was a Secondary level school Teacher of English in the UK until 2010, before returning to her place of birth in Co Clare. Sinéad is currently an active member of the Poetry Collective, formerly known as Three Legged Stool Poets, and is the proprietor of the Record Break Café and Arts venue, in Ennis.

Night Bird

Who am I?  Solitary, night’s songstress?
I split the fine silence for miles around.
Protest the hush when everything else sleeps sound.
Black is the colour of my love, Like a –
Sort of hollow, that will swallow  you whole –
If you listen or muse on me , too long.
I taste the mud earth, drink from rich mineral,
Sparkling lights of old Orion reflect –
From the dead dark lake ‘king’s silver hand’s high
In ebony waters, his joyous pain.
I Sing for him my sweetest note of all..
Eminent melody soars abandoned lands.
Stand, seized, aching in his Deathlike exit.
Surrendered and drowned out with the dawn.
© Sinéad Nic Síoda


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