Helen Harrison – Two Poems

HelenHelen Harrison was raised on the Wirral, seven miles from Liverpool, by Irish parents,  and has lived most of her adult life in Co Monaghan, where she is married with a grown-up daughter. Has had poems published in A New Ulster, North West Words, Mad Swirl, The Galway Review, The Bray Journal, and Poethead blog. Her first collection of poetry ‘The Last Fire’ was published during 2015 by Lapwing.  Helen was Guest Poet Reader at ‘O’Bheal Poetry Readings’ Cork, during January 2016, and the ‘White House Readings’ Limerick during April 2016.

A New Dawn of Words

I try to let time pass,
Slowly – as always,
Yet it still
Goes fast
Beauty of Words….

Ordinary life dimmed
Yet not put out
By this glorious light.

Peace surrounds me
Like a forgotten vale:
Un-earthed from childhood:
A forgotten state of grace.

A web of story-telling –
In a different place
This time….


I follow you around the house
Absorbing rays eating sun-
Kissed toast. When you fail to reach
I find you on the stairs, sipping
Tea and soaking heat.

You drift again to the other
Side of the house, so I shower
In streaks of yellow light….
You leave again to bounce
Off the walls of my hall
And crystal sparkle tease
And chandelier my hair.

The last time I saw you was
In the bedroom where I read
You fall upon my flesh
And capture me.




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