Katacha Díaz – Spring Soirée

Katacha DíazKatacha Díaz is a Peruvian-American writer. Among the many children’s books she has authored is Badger at Sandy Ridge Road for the Smithsonian Institution’s Backyard series, Carolina’s Gift: A Story of Peru and Wild Horse Country for Soundprints. Her writing recently appeared in Route 7 Review, The Galway Review, Coastlines, Gravel, Twisted Vine, Foliate Oak, and elsewhere. She lives in Astoria, Oregon, where she is at work on a short-story collection and memoir.

Spring Soirée

By Katacha Díaz

Yesterday I received a properly engraved invitation with response card and envelope requesting the pleasure of my company for a coming of age celebration. The mystery guest of honor was to be introduced at the party.

From the get-go, I was intrigued with the couple’s formal invitation requesting black-tie or formal cocktail attire. Since they were known for hosting swanky avant-garde parties in the Windy City, the formal attire was a departure from the usual unconventional bohemian dress.

The young couple lived in a lovely apartment in a historic building easily reached on the Blue Line – Logan Square stop. I went to the spring soirée; it turned out to be an affair to remember.

When I rang the buzzer to the couple’s apartment, the maid opened the door and took my coat.

The party was fully underway. A waiter circulated with a sterling silver tray of Tiffany crystal flutes with chilled French Champagne, so I took one.

For the next couple of hours or so, I mingled freely and practiced the art of making small cocktail talk with Chicago’s intellectual and avant-garde set.
‘Have you tried the beet-cured lox with whipped lemon dill ricotta with a glass of the crisp Pinot Noir Champagne?’ asked Roberto, smiling. ‘It’s a Cubs home run combo!’

‘Oh, I agree,’ said the voice. It was Hermione. ‘I’m going to get the recipe from our hosts for my next tapas and libations fiesta,’ she announced and walked away.

When the music stopped playing, the hosts proudly introduced the mystery guest of honor. To my surprise it was la bella Tremble! She was dressed in a dainty haute couture pale pink sheer organza floor length gown with embroidered flowers and silk ribbons. The guest of honor looked lovely and demure sitting on the sofa.

With crystal flutes raised, the guests and I joined our gracious hosts in a toast to celebrate the coming of age of la bella Tremble, the queen of the house and the couple’s adored feline companion. Everyone sipped Moet & Chandon Rosé Imperial, a refreshing pink bubbly with hints of strawberries. It was the perfect ending to a glamorous candlelit spring soirée.

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