Javed Latoo – Two Poems

authorJaved Latoo is a UK based senior clinician, honorary lecturer, health advocate and an Editor of a UK medical journal. In his spare time, Dr Latoo writes poetry. His poems have been published in literary and medical journals. His first collection of poems is Gushing Fountain: A Collection of Poems (2015).

Of a man

Just a pile of some flesh
dressed up on few bones,
Some veins and arteries
branching in and out of a pump.

A myriad of formless thoughts
due to the action of chemicals.
With a little breath ceaselessly
going in and coming out.

A motley of unharnessed desires
due to a fear of being ordinary,
Sprinting on a thousand feet
with a few cramps of altruism.

This all under the close watch
of his mind or a soul,
Which he now openly disputes
for being hidden from his plane sight.

Finally, his flesh, bones and desires
dissolve into elements or nothingness.
Yet could such a realisation
be a heavenly road to his salvation?

As I sat in a room thinking

As I sat in a room
About the uncertainties
Of future,
I imagined my mind

Like a room
With two doors.
I saw
A tide of fears
Entering the room of

My mind
Through one door.
Then, without letting
To take roots

In the soil
Of my mind,
I watched them
Leave through
The Second door.

Copyright© Dr Javed Latoo 2016



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