Breda Joyce – Two Poems

bredaBreda Joyce’s memoir piece, Magic conjured in huge silver tin on the shores of Lough Corrib, was published in The Irish Times in February 2015. Her poem The Void was commended in Poetry Ireland’s Poetry Project Award in November 2013. Her memoir about her great-grandfather, John Henry Joyce and the Nine Irons, was long listed in the Fish Publishing contest in 2013. Three of her poems and a memoir piece were published in Musebox, 2011/2012. A non- fiction piece Flying Aer Oileain was published in the Junior Cert textbook Safari. Her story, Thresholds was published in The Ireland’s Own Anthology 2010. Her poems have been twice shortlisted for The Writing Spirit Award.

Glad Tidings

Sunlight polished the Lee
making bevelled edges
shimmer and sway
like drunken sailors
along North Quay.

No change in your scan,
my mobile sang
and the water winked back at me
as I crossed into Ship Street
safely moored.

Crucifixion in a field of wheat

In the centre of a field a tattered sheet
fought to be free of the wooden cross
planted there to keep crows away.

Posted and pinioned to his cross
dark vertical eyes slit into white;
this Klan man puts enemies to flight.

His battered body shielded by a shroud
no Joseph of Aramathea to take him down.



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