photo carlitos mijares poyerCarlos Mijares Poyer  is an bilingual author, journalist, translator educated in the United States. He has won awards for his literary and culture journalism in Venezuela in the Ultimas Noticias Cultural Supplement Daily Newspaper sold in major newstands in main cities in the world. He has published poetry in English in American literary magazines, websites and college journals.

The American Smile

Times presented
Coil tin men
Alarmed like clocks,
Whose needle arms
(there is no answer)

Tiny hammers swing space
And bang the bells of our perceptions
Allowing no horizon of events
We waken to the sight of figured time digits
In the mornings with all those birds
Until we’re dead and alive again

An American Smile
Breaks into grin
Crumbling the gaze
En-lightning living room portraits
We sing…

The family gleams
Upon the Kansas City Kohler & Campbell piano
Confines the resonance sprung from the cold dental keys
Each sibling poses
Is captured rimless in a film of sheet
Holding breath and frown
Until the eyes lapse into
The bends of amazement

Each pic holds sigh
And emotion until the peril of tears like oceans
Break down the walls of deep darkness and mystery
The newscaster come even in, in the evening in argument and smile
He smiles fair, the dove eyes of a worm’s grin

An American Smile
Lasts for miles to Oz and back to cyberspace deep
Virtual and redeemed on out tot the outland of its
It can not keep curtains
And spotlights open forever, it retweets:

The play in acts
The people humbly partake
So why emulate?
The star is the reason
As it twirls to its hometown of Stardom
The American Smile: From the Moon to Reality

The thought of crimes on t.v.
Orwell mused
Paper, scissors, stones
The gang elegantly approached
Without a face, faceless
The song approached
Hummed, honed, humming
… The last hymn of Universe Regain’d
And the Deep Quiet Canyon of Sighs
Showed its petrified flowers of distant epochs
In fossil hieroglyphics like diamonds of Love in your eyes

Look away, look away
Remember Elvis’ bell-bottoms blues
Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, Prince unchain’d
As they sang their farewell
I have no control,
The lisp insues and insists to show your dreams
As fears and desires and fluorescent slurpees
Of both concoctions in your convenient
Store mind
As the wind cries storm of senses

Derailed from the manuscript fearing terrorific paper geographies
Unchained from verse to free jazz
Redeem romantic slavery from oh that colloqual mess
The subliminal orquids and sunflowers
Floating around you as you swam away
To the private solstice of truth
To he kinetic power of your retinas
The bathing of the elephants on the the beach

The storm will pass
Like the vacuum switch in the eye of the midwestern tornado
The train will bring new souls to the Overland stretch like an infinite hill
Llanos and plains of both Americas: one on top of the other suspended
Like tangent kites astray
And the cold spree will geyser the skies
Aromas of glee, the Fragonard fragrances of the free
And footsteps on clay wet sidewalks, soft
You slide from the sudden imprints of begging knees
The desire:
“Smile!”, says the cameraman
And the boson cloak draws carbon sketches in your
Eyes to the screen, right to that pixel that laughs at you

An American Smiles
Breaks into grin
Crumbling like brittle leaves the instant gaze
Shining and streaming live
The living room portraits
And we sing
We sing…
When in a distant planet, a replica appeared
As a Universal Mirror.