Sudha Srivatsan – Two Poems

SudhaSudha Srivatsan was born and raised in India. Her work has appeared in numerous journals including Commonline Journal, Tower Journal, the Germ Magazine, Carcinogenic, Indiana Voice Journal, Bewildering Stories, Leaves of Ink, Mused Literary Review, Subterranean Blue, Corner Club press, BlazeVox among others. Her work was also selected to be part of Storm Cycle’s 2015 Best Of anthology.


Saffron, the morning ray
My intention all too plain
In her warmth I partake
The caress palpable
And I change colour
To blush red
That wafts lucent
In the scarlet radiance
He smiles, begetting mine
Pearly dots in the canvas grand
Amorphous and amaranthine
Subtending the ardour
For singularity unconcealed.


The silence in my head
Grows noisy by the day
Does death die?
Or is death immortal
For it lives forever
Off hearts and souls
Swelling shapely in desire
As each moment gaits by
The canny spider trips over
Settling upturned in its web
Readily lounging
To spurt venom
That bathe me
In a ritual of sorts
I lay bewitched
To behold rain drops
Refusing to drench me



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