2012-11-15_16-44-15_699-2-1Barbara DeCoursey Roy is a member of Kevin Higgins Online Poetry Workshop. Most of her adult life was spent in Chicago, Illinois. Currently she resides in the woods outside St. Louis, Missouri. After training as an actress, she enjoyed a long career as a psychotherapist, always writing poetry. Barbara visited Ireland in 2014 on a pilgrimage with Galwegians, Christine and John Valters Paintner, of the “Abbey of the Arts.” In attending monthly readings at the St Louis Poetry Center, hosted by Drucilla Wall, Barbara has discovered yet another connection to Galway.


dry hump
to Trump
on the stump
private party
members only
must be huge
great again!
more baby oil

can’t get off
without my gun
can’t come unless
I picture her
on her knees
Lady Liberty
my bitch goddess
I love you man!


Tired of being
by PC police?

Join our party.
“I don’t give a fuck!”

Master baiter
Donald Duck
the dear leader.

Put up your
David dukes
Party like it’s 1917!

Get ‘em out!
An echo,
not a choice.