Matt Mooney – Five Poems

MattMatt Mooney was born in Kilchreest, Co. Galway. He has lived in Listowel since 1966. His first book of poetry ‘Droving’ was published in 2003 and this was followed in 2010 by ‘Falling Apples’. ‘Earth to Earth’ is the title of his latest collection (Galway Academic Press 2015). His poems have appeared in ‘Feasta’, ‘West 47′ , ‘First Cut’ ,The Applicant’, The Kerryman, The Connaught Tribune, The Galway Review online, Galway Review 3 and  The Galway Advertiser (Peann agus Pár).  He has read at The Baffle Poetry Festival in Loughrea, The West Cork Literary Festival, The White House Pub, Limerick and The Forge at Gort Literary Festival.

After the Rain

After the sky has dried its eyes at last
the stream that falls down from above
and seeks the bosom of the woods
to cry on in cascading cataracts of tears
begins to laugh at last and loudly
makes mood music of its own for us.


‘Offer it up’ he said to me,
both of us gathering courage,
lifting the wall-plate into place
as we stood on the scaffold
On the second storey –
every ounce of us put into it
in a supreme effort
to lay it in its place
for the roofing to begin;
ever since I always knew
works of art need such intent.

Private Call

This year she called early –
A cuckoo in an awful hurry,
Flying low above our hill;
Agitated that it was April,
Making mad mating calls –
And I rushed out to see her
To bid her welcome home.

A Hymn

The youngest gone;
His brothers stand aside,
red roses thrown.
‘May he rest in peace’
A hymn by a friend
that rose and fell
in the solemn hush
of grief and pain
for a lad from town
on a warm day in June,
by the woods in bloom.


Una joven mujer rubia
sentada en la terraza del ático,
sus hombros desnudos y dorados,
en su regazo un libro abierto;
enmarcado en la entrada,
naturaleza muerta , sus ojos cerrados,
posando para el sol,
pintado por un pintor en el cielo.




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