Jimi McDonnell – Two Poems

jimi-mcdonnell-150x150Jimi McDonnell is a writer and freelance journalist from Galway.  He is a graduate of the MA in Writing program at NUI Galway. In 2010, his short story ‘Coole’ was awarded the Dublin One City One Book Prize by Joseph O’Connor. He is the music correspondent for the Connacht Tribune. His stories and poems have appeared in Wordlegs, Bicycles With Umbrellas, Skylight 47 and the Irish Literary Review. Jimi is the also the leadsinger in Tradiohead.

At the Galway Film Fleadh


To the right, pink with polka dots,
Behind me, another voice says:
‘I’m more involved in case selections.’

Straight-ahead staring, so.

Clock them:
two, three, five….ten!
Ten check shirts in the first four rows.
Men of Ireland! Stop wearing
These criss-crossed abominations.
What are we? Fuckin’…….



The film ends and, love, it wasn’t very good
but they fed us after – paella, savage – though
I’m not sure if I was even hungry.

And my friend was there, Danny, you met him last week, remember, the one who took his shirt off when he saw us, linked and pouring down Quay Street.

Tonight, amongst luvvies, Danny and me waxed lyrical,
Michael D style, and all was
‘munificence,’ ‘abundance,’ ‘eloquence’
‘ a visceral, joyful nationhood made manifest.’

And I laughed this evening, love.
As the cathedral lurched over Woodquay
and I wondered if you were coming,
or not.

Mira means look, adéu means goodbye

Our love gone,
and Dylan on.

Tom’s returned
to London and

I’ve wrecked his head
these past two days,

over pizza, and fish,
tea, and alcohol-free beers

(because, mira,
I’m minding myself).

Mi cielo, I’m still
chasing punchlines,

pursuing a smile
that led me down

Quay Street, one evening,
and hundreds thereafter.

Now, we’re done.




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