Thos Maher – The Passing

PoetThos Maher, has been published on-line in ‘The Galway Review’ in the past. After reading ‘Ravishing DisUnities’ (Edited by Agha Shahid Ali) he intends to to write some ghazals,a traditional Arabic form of poetry. James Wright and Elizabeth Jennings are among his favourite poets. Born in Dublin. He now lives in Celbridge County Kildare.

The Passing

The illness had lasted, then
one day at the close of December
he was no longer with us.
She accepted it, his passing
just like her own suffering
the torment of aching bones.

She could not be left alone
the morning of his funeral.
Together we sat at home
by the window watching as it came
from down the street, slowly
family, friends, his neighbours
walking together, this his final journey.

In minutes it had passed
and in the magic of that moment
I turned and saw her face.
She smiled at my pleasure, but
this day something was different.
What did she think? He is too young
to know of my grief, my heartache
the sadness of the year just gone
and now the death of my brother.


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