Daniel Sammon – Two Poems

dadDaniel Sammon lives in Renvyle, Co Galway. He walked in 2009 from Renvyle to Dublin to commemorate and celebrate the 1916 Easter Rising and all the great men and women who fought and died for Irish freedom down through the centuries. The story of this Walk is recorded in his first book, launched in 2010, called My Great Walk Across Ireland. In 2011 he took up academic studies again earning a Certificate of Distinction in Legal Studies. In 2011 he also published a book of poetry called  Take Your Ease & Rest Awhile, Enjoy Some Poetry From Renvyle. The following year 2012 he achieved a Certificate of Distinction in Self-Employed Accountancy & Taxation from Kilroy’s College in Dublin. In 2013 he went back to the Open College in Dublin and received once again a Certificate of Distinction in Creative Writing. In 2014, he launched his  book called Saints off Connemara Coast & Other Stories.


If in Irish History your interest is keen
A good place to start, might be 1916
The Rising took place in April that year
For Independence and Freedom, their aim it was clear

The main focus of action was Dublin’s GPO
As well as on both sides, of where the Liffey waters flow
The fighting raged on for almost a week
Hundreds got killed and the outlook was bleak

Though the centre of Dublin was utterly destroyed
British right to rule Ireland was abjectly defied
To prevent further damage, a ceasefire was declared
Even though many had died, many more were spared

The Leaders were then taken to Kilmainham Jail
To Frongoch in Wales hundreds more did sail
Irish hearts were broken and many tears were cried
As one after another our Leaders were shot and died

Wednesday it was three, the next day it was four
Friday 5th of May, it was sadly one more
On Monday 8th, four more for Ireland were shot
The following day, for another it was his lot

Friday 12th May, again there were two
Who died, that Ireland might have her due
In Pentonville Prison three months later
They hanged Roger Casement and called him a traitor!

And now as we look back a hundred years on
We commemorate our heroes in poetry and song
We salute their great courage as they rest in Arbour Hill
They are very fondly cherished and forever will

Though relations with Britain were often frail
As a cruel tyrant she put thousands in jail
But now as equals we are the best of friends
Commemorating the past has helped make amends.

Donncha is Retiring*

[April 2015]

On last Saturday night
As I usually do
I turned on the radio
And I listened to you
The news that I heard
Brought sadness to my ears
You are hanging up your boots
After many long years

Those boots like my own
Have walked many the long mile
Thro’ them you’ve raised funds
And created many the smile
To help numerous worthy causes
Yourself, you didn’t spare
The many talents God gave you
You were happy to share

Through Failte Isteach
You created a family of friends
In the Parlour of Dreams
The world has no ends
You chatted to them all
From myself to the Pope
And cheered up many souls
Who were lacking in hope

In your retirement
I hope, each brand new day
Will bring Vera and you
For whatever you pray
I hope with long life
and good health you’ll be blest
So hang up those walking boots
You were one of the best!

*Donncha O’Dulaing, who is a famous long-distance walker, is retiring from broadcasting on RTE Radio 1 after more than 50 years.
He hails from Doneraile Co. Cork, where he was born in 1934.
Among the many celebrities that he interviewed were President John F. Kennedy,
Pope John Paul II and President Eamon DeValera.
Well done, Donncha! Happy Retirement!

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