Matt Mooney – No Birdsong

matMatt Mooney. Born in Kilchreest, Co. Galway. Living in Listowel. His collection ‘Droving’ was published in 2003 and ‘Falling Apples’ in 2010. His poems have appeared in ‘Feasta’, ‘West 47′ , ‘First Cut’ ,The Applicant’, The Galway Review. Ranked in top 30 in Poemhunter contest.

No Birdsong

That tree with a lonesome look in Auschwitz:
Overseeing all that daily enforced emaciation
Of prisoners subjected to cruel commandants
In a concentration camp devoted to starvation
As a means of killing by allowing them to die;
Punishment of poor souls falling on the ground,
Soon to be like dead leaves from the tree of life,
Scattered about, to be later piled up for burial.

What was high in hopes became a tree of death;
Lured where gas chambers and incinerators lurk,
Hordes of the hopeless, lambs to their slaughter.
No birdsong heard from the topmost  branches –
This stark silhouette set against the falling night,
Standing like the skeleton of the day that’s done.



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