Pat Mullan – Seventy-five

patPat Mullan is originally from rural North Derry. He now lives in Co Kildare. He is interested in short stories and flash fiction. His short story “The Same Place” was published in the fourth issue of Spontaneity, “Good For Me” was published in the Galway Review (August 2014) and “Blood on the Knife” was published in the Paper Swans i-pamphlet (December 2014).


They bought me an i-Phone for my seventy-fifth, the eejits.
Friends all lost to dementia, dead or incapacitated.
Over five hundred Euros.
Would have bought me a plot…
Or a nice oak box.
Facebook, Viber and G-mail in dazzling technicolor.
Sixty-four gigabytes of latent potential.
It won’t change the channel or make the tea.
With no one to call and it never rings.

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