Stanley Notte – Three Poems

photoStanley Notte lives in Cork, where he splits his time between writing, enjoying life, being his superhero, Leyton Attens, and – when he has to – working. His writing has appeared in Cork’s Evening Echo and Speak Your Mind magazine, and been featured on Soho Radio London, Irish  Radio International, UCC campus radio and Community Radio Youghal. Stanley is currently working on a collection of poems composed using song titles of a chosen artist.


after all is said and done
my heart still beats
I’m fighting temptations
and crazy feelings too.

See a woman like me
a hip hop star
a diva
is scared of being lonely
has flaws
and all that I’m looking for
is me myself and I.

So if I can’t take no more
or disappear from the radio
if the diamonds, halo and video phone party say
I’m leaving
it’s all over
I’ll put it all in a love song
and sing a song till the end of time.

after Beyonce

All I Really Need Is You

Thank the Lord for the night time and the Tennessee moon
because no words will open wide these prison doors
but a solitary man can reminisce for a while at night

Oh Mary,
at night I feel you as if the shelter of your arms has no limits
as if I am a free man in Paris
as if I’m right by you back in L.A.

So save me a Saturday night Mary
save me a Sunday sun
for I’ll come running someday baby
yes I will.

And we will thank the Lord for the night time
someone who believes in you
and the beautiful noise of delicious love.

after Neil Diamond

From The Lowlands

I can’t find you in the hidden camera show
like the ghost of a shark
you only disappear
bloodless human remains
it ain’t you
it aint you
crawl out of the walls
while fifteen miles downstream
bright lights keep your picture clear
and my vampire heart
delivers me end of the world news

that language of fools
that goes on and on
on and on
just like blood

dose me up
I’m packing for the crash
dose me up
Dose me up
I won’t lie
I’m still lost
Still love you

after Tom McCrae



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