Matt Mooney – Three Poems

matMatt Mooney. Born in Kilchreest, Co. Galway. Living in Listowel. His collection ‘Droving’ was published in 2003 and ‘Falling Apples’ in 2010. His poems have appeared in ‘Feasta’, ‘West 47′ , ‘First Cut’ ,The Applicant’, The Galway Review. Ranked in top 30 in Poemhunter contest.


Dividing Line

One, the embodiment of youth and beauty,
A girl,
Vying with perfection for something greater:
My low lying star.
The other, a woman,
My anchor-
The hidden hand of God holding me firmly
In my fallibility.


Outside Annascaul
Sun rays  through rain clouds
Pouring down
Single out
A lone mountain peak
From among its peers
And enshrines it
On the road to Dingle.


He was in a boreen, off a boreen-
The house was at the end of that;
He kept a dog -good for barking,
A donkey; but never kept a cat;
He fed a fattening pig each year,
Kept every Irish Press he read-
At least that’s what I used to hear;
It was said he put them in the shed.

The times I’d see smoke ascending,
Over the fields and walls I’d call
To him, by stone steps descending;
Hedges high, slated house so small;
Standing at the only door it had,
Talking until the clock struck ten;
Come September he’d be glad-
It was Lisdoonvarna time for him.

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